Vegas 888

Las Vegas, NV


cast-in-place concrete

Vegas 888

Project Size: 1,700,000 square feet

Architect: Humphreys & Partners Architects, Dallas, Texas

Developer: Del American, Inc., Altamonte Springs, Florida

Contractor: Perini Corporation, Las Vegas, Nevada

Vegas 888 will become one of the premiere residential condominium addresses in Las Vegas. When complete, it will encompass 1.7 million square feet of constructed facilities including a 51-story tower of 1.2 million square feet and an additional 500,000 square feet of parking and amenities.

The structure will be constructed of cast-in-place concrete with post-tensioned slabs and a highly efficient dual system for carrying lateral loads. The lateral system will incorporate two cast-in-place concrete cores which will share wind and seismic forces with a slab/column frame. This will minimize reinforcing steel quantities, a primary objective of the structural design due to recent cost inflation of steel.



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