Bellevue, WA





The Microsoft Store tenant improvement project consists of a modern 7,000 square foot retail space located at the Bellevue Square Mall. The project involved joining two adjacent first floor tenant spaces along with the removal of interior columns in order to create an open space while the second floor tenant spaces remained open for business. In all, five precast concrete and steel columns were removed while one precast concrete column remained along the storefront for architectural purposes. New foundations were installed along the sides of the space to support new steel column and castellated beam moment frames that clear span nearly
60 feet across the space with negligible deflection.

Shoring for the existing structure and construction sequencing was carefully coordinated and documented between CKC, the general contractor, and the structural steel subcontractor to ensure proper load transfer to the new structural members.

The project was based on a fast track schedule, which accelerated the design and construction phases to ensure the store opened just before
Black Friday.



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