Palladian World Tower

Glendale, CA



cast-in-place concrete

Palladian World Tower

Project Size: 560,000 square feet

Developer: K. Young Development Inc., Los Angeles, California

The Palladian World Tower will be a 25 story office building incorporating state-of-the-art structural systems, as well as a dramatic and futuristic architectural design.

The structure is designed in cast-in-place concrete, with a combination of shear walls and Ductile Moment Resisting Space Frames (DMRSF) for seismic resistance.  The shear walls and DMRSF’s interact in a synergistic way to simultaneously provide both lateral stiffness and seismic energy dissipation.  This ensures that the building structure will be capable of sustaining the most intense seismic ground motions expected in the region.

The floor design utilizes post-tensioned wide-shallow beams, which eliminate all internal columns.  The beams span from the curtainwall to the core, allowing full floor users to create interior layouts free of all internal obstructions.   



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