1031 WalnuT

Fremont, CA

Walnut exterior rendering
Walnut exterior rendering


1  above grade parking level

1031 WalnuT

Project Size: 900,000 sq.ft. (residential) 490,000 sq.ft. (parking)

Architect: TCA Architects, Irvine, California

Structural Engineer: Cary Kopczynski & Company, San Francisco, California

Contractor: Carmel Partners, San Francisco, California

1031 Walnut is a large multifamily development consisting of two separate four-story Type V wrap buildings with approximately 670 dwelling units in Fremont, CA. The project’s unique shape and configuration includes several landscaped courtyards with a swimming pool, creating smaller communities within the large development.

Each building has an above-grade concrete parking garage, totaling nearly 1,200 stalls. The North Garage is six-levels, and the South Garage is five levels with roof deck amenities on the sixth level, including a pool, bowling alley and fitness room.

The long spans required in the amenity spaces were accomodated by utilizing a concrete post-tensioned slab which was integrated into the light frame structure. This maximized flexibility of the space by minimizing internal columns.

CKC worked closely with the geotechnical engineer to solve the site’s soil issues and ultimately used a shallow foundation system below the parking structure and a post-tension foundation below the residential structure. The two structures have significantly different weights, therefore it was necessary to balance these foundation systems to minimize differential settlement.



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