Riverview Tower

Vancouver, WA


Riverview Tower

Project Size: 242,000 square feet

Architect: Curtis Beattie & Associates, Seattle, Washington

Developer: Mc Investments Inc., Mukilteo, Washington

Contractor: Howard S. Wright Construction, Portland, Oregon

Located in Vancouver, Washington, Riverview Tower is one of downtown’s largest office buildings. Originally called First Interstate Tower, this 11-story mixed-use cast-in-place concrete structure includes office, retail, apartments and parking.

In addition to a structural system compatible with the numerous uses of the building, CKC designed a lateral load resisting system utilizing slab/column frames which eliminated the need for shear walls.

By carefully detailing connections between the concrete columns and floor slabs, CKC captured the rigidity of the slab/column joints to resist lateral seismic and wind forces. This system resulted in major cost savings for the structural frame.



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