seattle cancer care alliance

Seattle, WA



cast- in- place concrete 

seattle cancer care alliance

Project Size: 54,000 square fett

Architect: Tsoi Kobus & Associates, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Developer: ProCure Treatment Centers, Bloomington, Indiana

Contractor: Hoffman Construction, Seattle, WA

Proton therapy is now available to cancer patients in the Pacific Northwest for the first time. Developed in partnership with the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, a two-story, 54,000-square-foot cancer treatment center was built on a 2-acre site on the Northwest Hospital & Medical Center campus in Seattle, Washington. The facility broke ground in 2011, and it opened in March 2013.

Procure center provides proton cell therapy, an advanced form of radiation treatment which uses a beam of protons to irradiate cancer cells. The facility features a 220-ton cyclotron - a particle accelerator which is used to eject a beam of protons. Protons are particles and therefore have unique radiation shielding requirements to contain the accelerated protons. 

To meet these requirements, the structure incorporated an enhanced seismic system and Concrete Shielding to include wall/ deck thickness of up to fourteen feet. The bunker was designed not only to hold and contain the proton therapy equipment, but also provide seismic bracing for the entire building. The massive weight of the cyclotron machine required special structural framing to transport this equipment in to the building near the end of construction. 





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