Portland, OR

Block 136 Construction
Block 136 construction

 15 & 5 Stories

2 below grade parking levels


Project Size: 348,550 square feet

Architect: Mithun, Seattle, Washington

Developer: Security Properties, Seattle, Washington

Contractor: Andersen Construction, Portland, Oregon

Located in the Pearl District in Portland, Oregon, Block 136 encompasses two buildings on the block, joined by a courtyard. The low-rise is a 75-foot tall mixed-use brick building with office and retail echoing the style of the historic buildings in the neighborhood. The second building is a steel 150-foot tall residential high-rise which reflects the style of the neighborhood to the north.

The residential high-rise tower features 218 apartments and the low-rise office includes retail spaces at ground level. Both buildings share a courtyard and two levels of below grade parking. The high-rise structure, below grade parking, and low-rise up to level 2 are cast-in-place post-tensioned concrete. The office building structure is steel framing with wood joists and plywood floor.

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