Denver, CO


2 below-grade parking levels



Project Size: 360,000 square feet

Architect: Davis Partnership Architects, Denver, Colorado

Developer: Holland Partner Group, Denver, Colorado

Contractor: Holland Partners, Denver, Colorado

Located in the northwest corner of 3rd Avenue and Logan Street of Denver, Colorado, this eight-story residential building features 170 dwelling units, two subterranean parking levels, and three exterior courtyards.

The building consists of cast-in-place post-tensioned concrete floors. In this locale, structures of this type typically require shear wall cores to resist seismic and wind forces. However, shear walls concentrate lateral overturning forces at the base, which increases foundation requirements.

CKC responded with a unique lateral force resisting system that utilizes the entire building frame above the second level. The slab-column frame substantially reduced the need for shear walls and distributed the overturning forces throughout the foundation. This created significant cost savings in the foundation and structural frame, and accelerated the construction schedule.





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