The Ayer

Seattle, WA


6 Below grade Parking LEVELS

cast-in-place concrete

The Ayer

Project Size: 607,400 square feet

Architect: Weber Thompson, Seattle, Washington

Developer: Holland Partner Group, Seattle, Washington

Contractor: Holland Construction, Seattle, Washington

The Ayer project is a 484-foot residential high-rise tower with six levels of subterranean parking located at the corner of Virginia Street and Terry Avenue in downtown Seattle. The project includes a lobby, 427 residential units, 245 parking stalls, and approximately 1,000 square feet of retail.

CKC used non-linear analysis and Performance Based Design to develop a seismic system consisting of a single concrete shear wall core throughout the height of the building. Additionally, the coupling beams utilize innovative steel fiber reinforcing, which removes the need for diagonal reinforcing. These design choices lead to a faster construction at lower cost.

The structure consists of cast-in-place concrete columns with 15,000 psi concrete and post-tensioned floor slabs to maximize unit space and layout flexibility. The tower is composed of carefully designed interlocking cubes that create a jenga shape. The tower shape helped reduce wind loads and mitigate wind drift.



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