Harbor Point Block P6

Stamford, CT


3 stories above-grade PARKING LEVELS

cast-in-place concrete

Harbor Point Block P6

Project Size: 390,000 square feet

Architect: Building Land and Technology, Stamford, Connecticut

Structural Engineer: Cary Kopczynski & Company, Chicago, Illinois

Contractor: Building Land and Technology, Stamford, Connecticut

Harbor Point Block P6 is a 15-story residential tower with a garage basement and three stories of elevated parking. Amenities include a swimming pool, indoor entertainment room, and views of the Long Island Sound. The project is part of an extensive development that will house ten unique buildings along the shore.

The structure will consist of cast-in-place concrete with two-way post-tensioned slabs. The project will also include a deep foundation system with pressure injected footings designed for high capacity. Concrete shear walls will be used to resist wind and seismic loads.



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