Point Ruston tower

Ruston, WA

8 -STORies

3 above grade PARKING LEVELS

light gauge 

Point Ruston tower

Project Size: 584,000 square feet

Architect: Abernathy Road Group, Ruston, WA

Developer: Abernathy Road Group, LLC, Ruston, WA

Contractor: MC Construction Consultants, Inc, Ruston, WA

The Rainier Tower is a prominent addtion to Ruston, Washington's waterfront resortinspired mixed-use development. Covering approximately 584,000 square feet, the eightstory residential building features an expansive lobby, 434 parking stalls and 206 premium condominium units featuring sweeping views of the Puget Sound.

To maximize efficiency, the project team employed light-gauge steel construction for the Rainier Tower. Unlike wood, this highquality system is fire resistant and free of verticle shrinkage. Concrete -filled dovetail decking and pre-panelized cold-formed-steel panels, eliminated the need for a joist system, thereby reducing the floor-to-floor height of the structure.

Meanhwile, special reinforced concrete shear walls extend to the roof level providing lateral load resistance without the need for strap bracing, Sure-Board, or hold downs.



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